Usage of Social and Psychological Skills in Practice, Online Package of Different Situations and Tests

Job Search

in newspapers, in internet, at labour exchange, in employment agency
on the street, in the town,
in the store, at petrol station
Law on citizenship
Law on the legal status of aliens
The Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, Labour Code
legal work protects the employee
the employee gets a higher salary
the employee must work longer
CV is an internet store where you can buy office supplies
CV is curriculum vitae, used for job search
CV is a novel to read
by verbal agreement
signing an employment contract
signing an agreement on work
personal identification document and CV
health certificate
information on family status
registers the unemployed
informs, consults, mediates on employment, makes individual employment plans
helps to open business
to set a goal – in what business sectors you want to work
to inform friends and neighbours that you are looking for a job
to disclose information on Facebook
family status
emotional condition
information about work experience, education
family status
to go to a hairdresser
to get interested in company, its objectives and vision
to have a good sleep
to talk slowly and clear
to tell about work experience, to mention professional abilities, available skills
to introduce the family