Usage of Social and Psychological Skills in Practice, Online Package of Different Situations and Tests

Body Language

Nice to meet you
Don’t be too friendly to me. I’m not sure that I like you
What do you want from me?

I’m a leader here
I want to be your friend. I like you very much
I feel well and think well about you

I am the most important here and this chair is in a correct distance from you
I want to hide
I do not want to talk

I do not trust anyone, I am afraid a little
My leg hurts
I want to sleep

I am better than you all
I am full
I want to talk

I want to treat you as equals, but I want you treat me the same
I hear badly
Do you trust me?

I am not going to listen to anybody, especially authority
I want to dance
My leg hurts

I don’t trust you
I am cold
Would you like coffee?

I am “the boss” here
My back hurts
I don’t want to talk

What trick to play?
I feel relaxed and self-confident
I want home