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Ethnic Culture of the Lithuanians

Pastel colours;
Dark colours;
Bright colours.
with caps;
with hats;
with veils.
a T-shirts, shorts, slippers, a hat, an apron
a shirts, pants, a vest, a coat, a belt, a head covering, a footwear;
a shirt, pants, a vest, a coat, a head covering, a footwear;
shoes, boots;
slippers, sneakers;
brass, bronze;
silver, gold;
copper, platinum;
production of yarn, textile manufacturing, decorating, sewing;
embroidery, cutting, felting;
knitting, weaving, decorating, sewing;
labourer, hunting, instrumental;
bridal shower, wedding, funeral, wedding;
children, wedding, military-historical, ceremonial calendar, work songs, ballads;
kankles (Lithuanian stringed instrument), hornpipe;
violin, accordion;
balalaika (Russian stringed musical instrument), panpipes;
creators of God;
collection of raw material, casting, moulding and decorating;
preparation, moulding, drying, combustion of raw material;
bending, shaping, baking and painting;
tree-cake, “angel wings”;
jelly, pudding;
halva, biscuits;
shashlik, ragout, dumplings;
cepelinas (stuffed dumplings), potato pudding, “whistlers”, potato pie, dumplings;
stuffed cabbage-rolls, steaks, kibinas.